Forthcoming events

Colm Toibin & Thomas Keneally
With Colm Toibin & Thomas Keneally, SWF 2010
Michael Pollan
With Michael Pollan, SWF 2008
Helen Garner
With Helen Garner, SWF 2008

Details coming soon.

Past events

Click on the links below for video / audio of
selected recent interviews & other events.

Claire Messud
Claire Messud in conversation, Sydney Writers' Festival 2013 (audio)

Kevin Powers
Kevin Powers in conversation, Adelaide Writers' Week 2013 (audio)

Oliver Burkeman
Oliver Burkeman in conversation, Adelaide Writer's Week (video)

Edmund de Waal
Edmund de Waal in conversation
, Sydney Writers' Festival 2012 (edited audio version).

Ailsa Piper Hannie RaysonHow to be Good
ABC Big Ideas televised panel discussion,  Byron Bay Writers' Festival 2012

A.A. Gill
Sydney Writers' Festival 2011

The Greatest Gift: How and Where We Die Pt 1 / Pt2
Hospice Home Hospice National Conference, March 2011

Lionel Shriver
Sydney Writers' Festival 2010, Pt1
/ Pt 2

Colm Toibin
Sydney Writers' Festival 2010, Pt 1
/ Pt 2

Anne Enright
Ubud Writers' Festival 2010

Norman Doidge
Sydney Writers' Festival 2009

David & Kristin Williamson
Sydney Writers' Festival 2009, Pt1
/ Pt2

Helen Garner
Sydney Writers' Festival 2008



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